5 years

The past 5years have been absolutely amazing this time 5yrs ago i was almost half way my frist pregnancy with my daughter she is now 4.5years old and starts school in september

This time 4years ago i was preparing to move into my first house, it never felt like home and too much drama happened there but it was a stepping stone and a chapter in my life. Definately a learning curve

The time 3years ago i met the man of my dreams my absolute rock. We soon became very close and in july 2012 started a reletionship. A reletionship that would test me and everything i had, one that would break me but mend me. David is my best friend, ny future my soul mate.

This time 2years ago 2months from now wouldve been where it all started to go wrong everything starred to break down and i made a lot of mistakes but eventually evenyrhing fixed themselves

In september 2013 i fell pregnant with my second child, my son.

This time last year david and i moved in together and we began to prepare for the arrival of our baby boy.

My daughter is a beautiful intelligent and perfect princess and my son is the most handsome and gorgeous little boy i have ever laid my eyes upon i give my children my absolute everything and the best that they deserve. My life may have had its ups and downs and been a rollercoaster but ive enjoyed the ride and i will continue to do so with my perfect perfect family.


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