cloth nappies

I never thought i couls get excited about somethinf that my son poops in! But oh my god bumgenius prints are just the cutest! I fell in love with bumgenius after they released harper in november i was lucky enough to have a spare christmas friends totsbots so i traded it for a harper with an american mama being that harper wasnt being sold here in the uk, it took around a week to arrive but it was love! And in the meantime id also scored us a martin! Since then ive become obsessed with the cute prints! Scoring some amazing hard to find prints in dips! My carroll which was bnip worked out my cheapest nappy at just £2! Closely followed by irwin for 2.70!!! Irwin being super htf and usually sells for 40 secoond hand!!!

We love jules so much we even have a jules notebook and pen on the way from.the states! Of course its coming with an Alicia yes another htf print! One thats only being realeased each time mommycon is on and my beautiful friend scored me one’! I might be a bit of a hippymom for using cloth but ots its amazing’ and so damn cute!!!


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