When i had my son almost 10months ago he was supposedly 3weeks early,  i say supposedly because his weight, the labour and how he looked did not look like how early babies do, but anyways i started to breastfeed my son it was such an amazing special bond, when we could no longer breastfeed due to me being very ill i decided at looking for other ways i could keep him as close. So my answer… Babywearing! I simply love babywearing! I ordered a victoria slinglady stretchy wrap and it was amazing and so comfy daddy also carried his baby man in it too! After growing out of the stetchy we moved onto a lenny lamb ringsling it was greaf but daddy couldnt work it so we went for a lenny lamb woven wrap it was amazing so comfy and supportive for our baby boy, but again daddy couldnt work it so we got a rose and rebellion ssc it worked great but not quite padded enough so i got a woven wrap for me and kept the buckles for daddy i got a beautiful didymos indio but i was sad to fins baby boy no longer wanted to be wrapped. In February one of my friends friends died very suddenly she decided to starr dipping slings to raise some money to create a special garden for ger friends children, i helped her admin and dipped my wrap and then won a ringsling! It was.lovely a beautiful diva milano gathered shoulder rs but then i started to have problems with my shoulder, a lovely mama on the group was selling a tula i was diso and for a fantastic bargain price so she offered to sell it to me! Over the moon we now have our diso! Our beautiful tula rockets’!! Baby boy likes it mommy likes it and yes daddy loves it too!!!

Babywearing is something i wish id done from day one! So amazing for mommy daddy and baby and of course it leaves me hands free to clean the house or nip to the shop with mt big girlie so i have hands for her to hold! I couldn’t imagine life without babywearing!


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