1year on from starting my blog….

Well it’s 1year on and I’ve been absent for quite some time, I’ve had some ups and downs since, I’ve had people from the past get back in touch and made new friendships, I’ve had a baby, I’ve laughed I’ve cried I’ve smiled I’ve wept, I’ve been scared and I’ve been hurt.
I became something I said I’d never be.

I’ve found out truths that have cut me really deep and once again I was ready to end it all, just a year on from when I did before, but this time it’s different because I have somebody that truly loves me in my life, I have 2absolutely beautiful children of my own and a stepson who I love as my own too.

David turned my life upside down and right side up, he’s my everything, he picks me up when I’m down he helps me through the hellish times, he cheers me up makes me smile and laugh, he calms me when I need him too he tells me it’s going to be okay when I often think it won’t.

I am lucky, I’m complete.

I love my little family it’s the definition of perfection 💜


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