David <3

If 2 years ago I was warned that I would meet someone that would change my whole life forever I would never have believed them, but sure enough it happened. Working at the rose and crown rushden at the time, I met David Dudley, he was tall dark haired and he was absolutely gorgeous! working him that night was nerve wracking until we sat and had a drink and a chat after work, as time went on me and david made a great friendship growing closer working Friday nights behind the bar open mic night kept us busy and entertained, it wasn’t until things changed and david was going to be leaving within weeks that things hit home, we started flirting more at work having a lot more laughs, and then it came to his last Friday night shift, and even the customers said that we should be together, the next night, I got all dolled up and ready to party for the last night with david, and what a bloody good night it was, its the night has since changed my life forever.

We’ve had our ups and definitely our fair share of downs, thanks to my stupid mistakes, but through it all weve pulled through it we had our time apart but now were back together, and finally everything in my life feels perfect again, David puts a smile on my face all the time, hes the only person that really understands me, and hes the only person that will always stand by me no matter what.

This is an extremely soppy post, but sometimes you just need to express things in words about how you feel, and I feel fantastic! we have a fantastic future with some amazing plans


Roll on 2014


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