theres always something to be happy about

recently I have realised I have a few friends that are in dark places, ive been there before and know what its like for the first time in 3months my life Is starting to turn around and im really thankful, but I need to remind you beautiful people, that there is always something to be happy about

Reasons to be happy

– youre alive! – be thankful for your life and live it to the full who cares about the buts and what ifs and who cares about the past? youre here arnt you! so smile and stick your middle finger up to the past and say fuck you!

– you can smile – you can look back on your previous mistakes and simply laugh about them!

– youre strong – whether you think it or not youre all strong! you are all beautiful individuals special in unique ways! don’t ever let someone get you down, theyre not worth it! delete those people from your life!

– you have friends- im one to start with 🙂 and il always be here should you need me, im only a call a text a message an email a tweet etc away! and il come running to  make it all better and give you a shoulder to cry on should you need it 🙂

you are healthy! – always a bonus high 5’s for being healthy!

these a just a few reasons of hundreds you should be happy, anyone pisses you off fuck em! if anyone misplaces their loyalties that’s their mistake! leave them to it, they’ll either come crawling back or be too embarrassed to do so! if anyone treats you like shit don’t let them stand up for what you believe in!
Never loose faith in what you believe in! and never forget what you stand for. Always be loyal to those you care about!
remember karma is a bitch, so if someone hurts you don’t worry they’ll get whats coming to them!

so tomorrow all you need to do, is wake up look out the window to check the weather, get up and wear your smile! laugh plenty too!

I love you beautiful people!


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