Well its been a while

Firstly my lovely followers i am very sorry for going so long without a post its been very weird few weeks since my beautiful puppy grew his wings and went to heaven, to say ive been a state is probably an understatement, I hit rock bottom in my absence and I was well and truly ready to leave everything and everyone behind, but I was reminded of all my reasons to live,

  1. My beautiful little girl Akira – she needs a strong mummy that can put a smile on whatever the situation, to be strong when everythings a mess and to be able to show her what to do and where to go in life, my little girl is my best friend and although she is only 3 years of age (well on 25th September) she is my absolute rock, she can be a pain at times but without her id be completely lost. I love you Akira.
  2. My family – my family need me although we may not always get on at times we all always need each other we may not show it but we do love each other so much, and would never let anything permanently come between us.
  3. My beautiful and amazing friends – I cant name each one of you id be here forever telling you all how special and amazing you are in your different ways, ive formed many friendships in the past 5 years some that have lasted and others that haven’t and others that have blossomed into something truly beautiful. I love you all so much and without you I wouldn’t be this strong, without you telling me everyday its a new day and that it is going to be ok I wouldn’t have been ok

Sometimes in life you just need someone to be there to help you to get you through all the shit in life, someone that’s going to be there to hold your hand after everything and help you across the bridges, and climb the mountains of life, its not going to be easy it is going to be hard but damn is it going to be worth it!


My message today to you all is when it all becomes too much and you think you cant handle anymore, don’t give up don’t for one minute think you are not good enough, chase after your dreams and don’t live in regret, hold on to the memories and create many new ones, photograph precious moments to look back on, build bridges with people you dislike, and get on with your FANTASTIC life, life truly is a beautiful and precious life, its not over til fate decides it, and right now you are here, you are living and you are going to love it. Make every moment count always live for the moment in fact live each day as if its your last, don’t worry about the buts or the what ifs, well figure it out later and answer it when it comes to it.



I love you, so very much



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