He onl. Way I feel comfortable in opening up to anyone is if I just write 

and right now that’s what I want to attempt to do

i keep telling everyone I’m ok when I’m not and I keep giving other people advice without even taking it myself

so this time I’m gonna take my own advice and speak up and speak out in gonna open up moreso that the people that love and care about me can finally gain an insight into my crazy lifE


firstly I’m not good person I’m not a good example of women and I’m certainly not a good role model for my daughter but its time for change its time to teach my daughter how to treat people andhow not to treat people these are supposed to be my life lessons so from now on everyday I will post one lesson to myself


Lesson 1 treat everyone how I’d like to be trtreated whether it be in friendship a reletionship or just day to day life I need to treat people how if like to be treated and be grateful for the same treatment back I’ve made some mistakes here and there but it all changes now

Stay tuned for lesson 2


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