Who am I?

Who am I?

I thought I should introduce myself properly 🙂
My name is Emily and I am 21 I am a single mum of my beautiful girl Akira, I have a puppy called dexter and a kitty called Indiana
I can be fun and bubbley and like to have a laugh with people, I like to think I’m fun to be around when I’m in a good mood 🙂
Sometimes I’m not however when I’m not in a good mood I make it known, I’m a typical girl I get jealous I can be insecure but overcoming problems is what life is all about
In the past 4 years I’ve not had it “easy” but I’ve pulled myself through it with help from many along the way! I never give up on something if I really want it everything I’ve been through has made me the strong person I am today!
I drive a little fiesta that I named Ozzie and I live in rushden I currently work in Bedford as bar/floorstaff/waitress and Im an Ann summers ambassador my goal is to become a pub manager and run a pub myself and I’m very passionate about this I will not let this dream out of my sight
I’m tiny at 5ft 4 but I like being small 🙂
I like all different kinds of music but I am in love with Alex turner from arctic monkeys!
I have a big family! I’m one of 8 children! Yep Christmas is expensive!


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