Evils of temptation

Sometimes temptation can be a wonderful thing but other times it can deystroy lives, and hurt people. veil evils of temptation are not always obvious they may seem like nothing to you at first but as you get more caught up in it it becomes a tragic mess. Never let temptation beat you you are stronger then that I like to think I’m a strong person and can beat all temptations but fact of the matter is I’m not, temptation captures me and takes me for its own I need to learn to fight it learn to walk away from it all but more importantly say no when I want to and not when it is too late. 

You learn a lot from your mistakes in life and from those mistakes you can build bridges and make things stronger. The temptation of letting someone else control your life is far too easy too do. dont be tempted to do something that might b roght at the tome but wrong in the long run 

this is a difficult one to write not knowing what I really want to say or should I say not knowing how to word what I want to say renders me speechless for a change.

Don’t let the evils get to you don’t let them take you 


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