The greatest thing you’ll ever learn

The greatest thing is just to love, and be loved in return.

A favourite quote from my favourite film because it is the only truth about love that I like, because love hurts its torture, you can’t fall in love with someone without it hurting because they will either love you back or never feel the same way, or love can be broken it can be fixed but with great patience it can’t be borrowed and it certainly cannot be replaced, love is like a flower it blossoms, and sometimes withers but its always there love is a journey, a journey full of obstacles ones that can be overcome but with help, from one person, that one person that you can bare your heart and soul to and pour your feelings into, the one you’s give your last breath to, just to tell them how you feel just to tell them they are and always have been the one and only, no matter what you don’t fall out of love, no matter how bad things get and you think you don’t love someone anymore, you once did and that moment when you said I love you for the first time, you completely gave yourself to that person you said it to, love isn’t something you can take but only give, it’s not something easily achievable and even in the worst situations it’ is always something you can overcome you just need the strength the patience and the time, the strength to be strong through it all the patience because it will take time and the time to give to one another to allow the flower to once again blossom.
With blossoming comes responsibility , to look after that precious gift, the gift of love he most wonderful gift you will ever receive in love
Because the greatest thing you’ll ever learn IS just to love and be loved  in return 

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