Sorry to my followers

My deepest apologies that I haven’t been very good to you guys lately  i feel I cannot give you advise in my mind set just yet however once I am back on track il be ready to start posting again and helping you .   as always much love to you all   xxxxxxx Advertisements

Lesson 4

appreciate the beauty around you There comes at point in life where you realise you’ve been missing out on the beauty that has been stood beneath your eyes all this time, you need to learn to appreciate it and love it, that beauty is going nowhere from your life, its always been there whether you… Continue reading Lesson 4

Lesson 3

Live each moment like its your last Why worry about the what ifs and the buts, instead live each moment like it is your very last, love each moment and cherish it. make yourself smile make others around you smile, spend your time surrounded by those who love you and those you love, do something… Continue reading Lesson 3

Lesson 2

Never regret something that once made you smile You should never ever regret something that once made you smile because at one point that was everything that you wanted, it was the one thing that got you going through each day and it was the one thing you didn’t want to loose. unfortunately things happen… Continue reading Lesson 2